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Venous Ulcers & Laser Light Therapy

Venous Ulcers & Laser Light Therapy

Venous ulcers represent about 70–90% of all leg ulcers.  Incidence is higher in individuals over 65 years of age.  Women are proportionally more affected, due to their higher survival rates compared to men. The natural history of a venous ulcer is a continuous cycle of healing and tissue derangement that can persist for a long time. Conventional venous ulcer treatment is currently based on a combination of topical care (wound dressing) and compressive therapy.  Educating patients on self-care, which includes wound dressing, hygiene, diet, and exercise, is a must.  Laser Light therapy has been used in addition to conventional therapy with promising results, especially in patients with acute ulcers.

Healing Laser Light Therapy is a form of “photobiomodulation” that uses a photon light capable of generating enough energy to interact with living tissues. Laser Therapy produces photo-chemical and photo-physical effects without generating heat.  The intention is reestablishing cell homeostasis. Essentially, light energy is delivered topically in a controlled and safe manner. The light is then absorbed by photo-absorbers (chromophores) that transform it into chemical energy. Basically, the photon light increases the production of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate).  ATP is responsible for maintenance of the cell function. The resulting energy is used to normalize cellular and tissue functions according to normal tissue genetics and physiology, thus promoting more consistent tissue repair. Positive effects include acceleration of tissue repair, increased formation of tissue, and wound contraction (closing up) .  Laser Therapy takes away the inflammation and reduces pain, sometimes immediately.

If you have been suffering with Venous Ulcers and would like to alleviate pain, heal in half the time and prevent scaring call for an appointment today.

(Note:  I have chosen not to put images of this disease on the page.  If you are not sure what it looks like please Google images of venous leg ulcers. Thank you.)