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Laser Therapy & Football / Soccer Injuries

Laser Therapy  & Football / Soccer Injuries

It’s hard to believe that summer is over and it’s already time for school. With that comes football games! Football comes in two forms. American football, with helmets, pads and a funny shaped ball and European football, i.e. soccer, where they are less protected but still receive the same types of injuries. One of the biggest injuries in football are knee injuries. It can be a slight sprain or it may be a more serious injury like ligament or tendon tears and even fractures. Another injury that has become more prevalent in football are concussions and yes Laser Therapy can help greatly with concussions. In fact numerous professional teams use Laser Therapy on their players for all the the above mentioned injuries.

The other side of an injury is the emotional factor. The player wants to be in the game! They’ve waited all summer to play and now they are sidelined and Laser Therapy can accelerate the bodies healing process and get them back in the game twice as fast.

How does Laser Therapy work?

  • Dual-Wavelength Beam that penetrates Deep into the Tissue
  • Continuous & Modulating Frequencies to Promote Pain Control and Healing
  • SuperPulse Mode for Deeper Therapeutic Penetration
  • High Power Delivering Larger Doses, Resulting in Shorter Treatment Times

What are the benefits of Class IV Laser Therapy?

  • Dramatic pain relief
  • Dramatic acceleration of healing to repair injured areas faster
  • Increased circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrition to an area
  • Increased cellular reactions
  • Decreased scar formation and stiffness
  • Non-addictive with no side-effects

So the results of laser treatment are beneficial in numerous ways. If your child has an injury get him laser treatment as soon as possible. It will heal, prevent scar tissue, reduce pain, and give them peace of mind knowing they will be back in the game sooner than later!!!

Call for an appointment today… 424-262-8646 You and your child will be glad you did.

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