Patient Testimonials

Find out what our patients have to say about K-Laser Therapy and how it changed their lives!
  • Diversity in treatment of problematic injury or disease is the way to go. you have an obligation to yourself to do what you can by way of nutrition, rest, exercise, and a positive outlook. The next step is augmenting your care with professional intervention and medical assistance in seeking qualified practitioners to treat the problem. I have found that K-Laser Therapy can assist in restorative treatment in conjunction with the commitment of medical practice and this adjunctive therapy. I'ave done this for after care in surgical treatment and with Upper Cervical Chiropractic with positive and beneficial results.

    Kathleen M. ,

  • When I first began seeing Vicki Dorvall at Kuhn Chiropractic Office,I had suffered pain in my left knee due to a torn meniscus, constant pain in my neck, incisions and scar tissue that needed healing from surgery, and right shoulder blade pain due to a partial tear in my rotator cuff. I had been seeing Dr. Kuhn for adjustments and I mentioned the shoulder problem to the doctor. He suggested that I try the K-Laser treatment. I did give it a try and after the first few treatments by Vicki, I had much better movement and range of motion. I also noticed that the pain level was much less. All of the K-Laser treatments I have had in these areas they have made a noticeable difference in how I feel, along with great relief. I would highly recommend K-Laser as I have had good results and I have benefited greatly from this care.

    Grace L. ,

  • I had chronic debilitating pain in my forearms, hands, and shoulders for over five years and no treatments helped until I tried K-Laser. The next day I woke up without pain and I felt like I had experienced a miracle. Almost a year later and my pain has stayed at a minimum. I still have to monitor how long I paint or edit photography but before K-Laser, I just had to ignore the pain or else get nothing done. I'm so thankful for the treatment and stand by it as the one thing that got my arms back to functioning. Basically, it changed my life and motivated me to be nicer to my muscles.

    Kait B. ,

  • I am an 82 year old man with a long history of stiffness in my neck. Recently, however, during a period of intense stress I began to experience very severe neck pain. The source of the stress went away, but the pain did not even diminish. I decided to try a K-Laser treatment. By the time the treatment was finished, over 90 percent of the pain was got. The rest of it left me in a couple of days.

    John S. ,

  • Early last year (2017) I ruptured a baker's cyst behind my right knee. Immediately, I began icing the injured area and had a series of chiropractic treatments; however, there was no noticeable improvement to the severe pain and swelling behind my knee, and my mobility remained very limited. A friend recommended Vicki Dorvall for laser therapy treatments. My friend spoke highly of this type of treatment, telling me that the laser therapy had helped her recover very quickly from a badly sprained ankle. At my first appointment, Vicki explained how the therapy worked and why it was so effective. She also explained possible sensations that could accompany the treatment; however, I was completely comfortable throughout the treatment. That treatment and the following treatment were painless. Within about 24 hours of the first treatment, there was a significant reduction in swelling and pain. The speed of improvement really amazed me! Further, my mobility improved such that I was again able to go up and down stairs. Within several days following my second (and last) treatment  the swelling had further reduced and mobility further increased. Within the following two weeks all symptoms subsided. Vicki is a knowledgeable and skilled laser therapist; she is a pleasant person and very easy to converse with, a good listener. I am so thankful that my friend referred me to Vicki. The laser therapy treatments are extremely effective for tissue repair.

    Kathy S. ,