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Fall and Falling Down – How Laser Therapy can Help

Fall and Falling Down – How Laser Therapy can Help

As summer comes to a close and the fall weather heads our way people will now be looking forward to the beautiful fall leaves. This means on our walks or bike rides as we gaze at the beautiful colors we may not pay much attention to where we are going. Unfortunately, that’s when falls and trips happen. We may think a small fall is no big deal, however, it may cause bruising, cuts / scrapes, sprains and even concussions, especially if you fall off a bike. How does laser therapy fit in to this picture?

Understanding how the laser works is pretty simple. K-Laser is a photon light which works by bringing more blood and oxygen to the area and activating the mitochondria of the cell causing it to release ATP, waking that cell up giving your body a head start on the healing process.  This allows your body to heal in half the time it would normally take getting you back out there enjoying the cool fall days and beautiful scenery.

Come in as soon as you can after the fall or trip.  It is a painless way to heal.

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