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Sports Injuries – Strains, Sprains, Tears, Breaks

Sports Injuries – Strains, Sprains, Tears, Breaks

How important is it for you to heal quickly when you have a sports injury such as a tear, strain, sprain or break?

LASER technology has been widely used in Europe since the 1970’s and after clearance by the FDA in 2002 and has been in the USA for about 15 years. LASER therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic benefits. These different wavelengths promote the healing of skin, bone, cartilage, muscle, fascia, nerve and tendons.  There are 2 basic categories of LASER:  (1) Surgical LASER that cuts tissues and (2) Therapeutic LASER that heals tissues.

One of the unique characteristics of Class IV LASER therapy is that it promotes and accelerates the healing process (not just treating symptoms), thereby restoring and repairing the normal function of injured areas…FAST! Many offices actually use Class III LASER, which often are around 15 mW (milli Watts). Our Class IV LASER is literally one thousand times stronger, using 15,000 mW (milli Watts).

LASER therapy has a significant effect on damaged tissues, while normal tissues are not affected. Without getting too technical, the chromophores (light receptors) on compromised tissues respond to a LASER treatment, whereas chromophores on healthy tissues do not. Since only chromophore receptors on injured tissues absorb LASER energy, only the chemical reactions in those tissues get affected. This is the same way many medications work, by affecting receptors on cells, thus influencing what the body is doing. The big difference between Class IV LASER therapy and medication is that LASER therapy does not have any dangerous side effects. LASER therapy simply stimulates the natural healing process in the body to happen a lot faster and a lot more often. It’s all natural and organic. It is extremely important to heal quickly when you have a strain, sprain, tear or break.  Less formation of scar tissue, less pain and less inflammation. 

There are 2 factors essential for LASER treatments to be therapeutically healing are:  (1) the energy must penetrate deep enough to reach the target tissue and (2) there has to be enough energy to stimulate the therapeutic healing effect.

Class IV LASER therapy offers powerful therapeutic benefits, all of which occur simultaneously, including:

  • Dramatic pain relief
  • Dramatic acceleration of healing to repair injured areas faster
  • Increased circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrition to an area
  • Increased cellular reactions (*see paragraph above regarding chromophores)
  • Decreased scar formation and stiffness
  • Non-addictive with no side-effects

K-Laser Therapy is crucial in sports injury recovery in that it will help you get back in the game 2x faster than any other treatment!!

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