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Diabetic Neuropathy & K-Laser Therapy

Diabetic Neuropathy & K-Laser Therapy

Diabetic Neuropathy & K-Laser Therapy

Disorders of the nervous system and/or nerve damage may cause diabetic neuropathic pain. It could be a type of burning, shooting pain that is often severe and chronic. Diabetic Neuropathy arises when high blood glucose levels erode the integrity of nerves and blood vessels. Class IV K-Laser utilizes predetermined wavelengths of near-infrared and red light to increase circulation and decrease pain, swelling and inflammation indicative of neuropathies. Following a series of successful clinical trials, the FDA further cleared K-Laser therapy for facilitating repair and regeneration of damaged tissue due to the laser’s ability to draw nutrients, oxygen and water into inflamed soft tissues.

K-Laser, “photobiomodulation”, increases cellular metabolic activity while improving transport of nutrients in and out of a cell’s membrane by triggering production of ATP (a chemical necessary for cell health). K-Laser works to relieve nerve inflammation, reduce neuropathic pain and facilitate blood flow throughout the affected area. In addition, ongoing clinical research shows the K-Laser to be a safe treatment for diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy-related neuropathy and many other chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, Bell’s Palsy and plantar fasciitis.

Not all neuropathies are caused by diabetes. In fact many people are told they have diabetic neuropathy and they don’t have diabetes. There are many different causes of neuropathic pain, many which are not known. Laser therapy will work on the cellular level to eliminate this pain.

If you or someone you know is suffering from diabetic neuropathy, chemotherapy neuropathy or any kind of pain anywhere in their body please call Laser Therapy O.C. at 424-262-8646. Laser Light Therapy – Changing Your Life – Healing Your Pain!


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